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We offer a full and comprehensive range of specialist tiling services to suit your budget requirements, for large to small, new and renovation projects, all type finishes and designs, for all types properties. We also offer a complete new installation, full or part renovation services for both Victorian and Edwardian floor & wall designs.

BATHROOM Tiling Services

Our tiling expertease can help you transform your shower, wet rooms, privies and bathrooms.


We offer tiling services for all sized projects, whether you are fully renovating your bathroom and want to install new tiles on the walls and floor, or maybe you want to simply install tiles in the shower cubicle? looking to give your bathroom cloakroom a new look, maybe tiling the bathroom sink splashback could be enough to change things freshen up a bit. We work closely with you and your plumbing contractor to achieve your finished look.

Even if your bathroom is small, or on a budget that doesn't mean it can't be luxurious, with so many different styles, design and finishes to choose from . Modern practical, quick freshen up in the shower or relax unwind in an elegant stylish bath, tiles provide a stylish clean waterproof finish.

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KITCHEN Tiling Services


Tiles can completely transform kitchens giving you a clean durable environment. With many modern and traditional tiling styles, designs and finishes to choose from. Ceramic, Mosaics, Porcelain, Marble, Quarry, Slate, Travertine, Granite, Stones. top end luxury, bespoke designer, modern, traditional or beautiful country cottage style, Here at Staramics tiling specialists we work with you and your kitchen fitters to achieve your ultimate dreams.

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FLOOR Tiling Services


Tiled open plan floor areas, modern clean elegant floor spaces tiled floors can give even small rooms clean a spacious look High traffic floor area ? Tiles are extremely hard wearing when it comes to staining and wear. Tiled flooring last for many years suitable for nearly every room and area, providing a easy to clean, durable ,water proof low maintenance floor covering . We offer a full and comprehensive range of tiling services for all type finishes and designs, for all types properties.

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VICTORIAN Tiling Services

Surperb, beautiful, long lasting with many traditonal and bespoke patterns to choose from.

Victorian Floor Tiles

We offer a complete new install, full or part renovation tiling services for Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian periods floor & wall style designs. Restoring your pathways, hallways to its former glory, re-creating the ultimate finish for your period property. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

These types of floors became popular for British houses as well as pubs, shops and churches built from around 1860, many had a tiled front path, porch, entrance hall or kitchen and are part of Britain’s heritage. Tiles are hard-wearing, long-lasting, can be used in wet weather and most of all, simply beautiful

Our specialist service can replicate or restore these areas to their original glory. The geometric pattern and border designs are created from a series of individual tiles in different shapes and coloured Victorian floor tiles. From our supplier’s we use the patterns and borders which are based on authentic and traditional designs from the Victorian and Edwardian eras recreating the original style.

These verified ceramic tiles can also be used to great effect in more modern properties. Our suppliers have recently added some contemporary colours to complement the traditional colours, which offers even greater flexibility for producing original designs or giving some of the traditional patterns a more modern look.

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For fantastic Victorian tiling styles designs and inspiration we highly recommend you visit the manufactures of one of the many products we use, Original Style website , they have a collection of superb photos and examples and design ideas,

You can download The Victorian Floor Tile brochure here .” https://www.originalstyle.com/media/106774/original-style_vft_0820.pdf .

The Victorian Floor Tile brochure contains inspirational photography, hints and tips and clear pattern and border swatches, with alternative suggestions for pattern and border combinations. Try their Original style tile visualiser the perfect place for the imagination and ideas for the right floor design for your home.